My robot has failed, What do I do? Who can help?

repairing robots with FSD

Robots can fail due to

  • Human error
  • Control panel problems (PLC, Network)
  • Mechanical failures
  • Electrical failures
  • Environmental factors like power outages

Failures can lead to human injury and sometimes even death, as well as costly downtime.

Common Root Causes for Robot Failures:

Cable Dress Packs, as simple as it sounds, cable management dress packs are often neglected. Problems are generated because the movement of the robot generates tangles and tension that can lead to cable breaks.   We sell best in class Reiku Dress Pack Systems and can install.

Programming: To function properly, robots require programming specific to the application and environment in which they operate. Incorrect programming or activation of the teach pendant or control panel can lead to a robot error that may expose employees to the risk of injury.

Maintenance: Without proper preventative maintenance programs common failures in gear boxes, motors, internal harnesses and simple battery failures or over heating due to old dirty fans and clogged filters cause serious down time.   We have PM programs that keep your robots running and maximize both uptime and robot life.

Skilled technicians and engineers at FSD not only respond to critical robot repairs but assist customers in developing better preventative maintenance programs.


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The Ukraine flag wave in the wind

Like most of you, we are deeply saddened watching the atrocities Russia is committing on the Ukrainian people, at the behest of Mr. Putin, something I never thought would happen in today’s day and age.

As a show of solidarity to the Ukrainian people dying on the streets for their freedom FSD will NOT accept any Russian orders or be conducting business with any Russian affiliates.

I want to clarify that this is not a move to hurt the fun-loving Russian people who want to live and prosper like the rest of the free world, but strictly a move to show our solidarity with #ukraine and the rest of the free world. We want to use our platform to support in any way we can because we are all stronger united. So, I ask that you consider joining me in helping our friends in Ukraine by donating to these trustworthy organizations that are in urgent need of funds:

– Red Cross Ukraine
– Ukraine Armed Forces
– The Come Back Alive Fund
– Nova Ukraine

Here at #FSD, we pray for a quick and peaceful end to this conflict. May peace be restored in Ukraine, and no more innocent lives lost.

Dave Burgess
President & CEO