The Importance of Preventive Maintenance for Industrial Robots


When an industrial robot is integrated into the production line, it is done to reduce unintended downtime in production and the probability of component failure or deterioration.

 Industrial Robots Maintenance has undergone a great evolution in recent times, appearing the concepts of Preventive and Predictive Maintenance. Let’s clarify these concepts!

Preventive Maintenance – Helps prevent equipment failure by systematically replacing deteriorating components and/or identifying and correcting problems before they lead to failure.

This process is carried out with the following steps:

  • Carry out a routine check of the electrical and mechanical condition.
  • System tests.
  • Shaft and ball joint lubrication.
  • Gearbox oil replacement.
  • Measurements and adjustments.
  • Replacement of arts.
  • Equipment deterioration record, backup

Predictive Maintenance: it is the condition monitoring solution (Condition Monitoring) that indicates the different levels of pressure, temperature, and humidity in the system. The process would include:

  • The proportion of real-time and historical data on asset and process trends.
  • It allows operators to detect and diagnose any problems that may turn into problems.
  • Provides analytics and alerts to operators when needed.

But applying this type of predictive maintenance solution to every asset in a facility is simply not profitable.

Being clear about these concepts can help us save time and money in maintenance.

If properly maintained, industrial robots can last for many years, even decades, before needing to be replaced. By maintaining a regular preventive maintenance schedule, you are extending the life of your robot exponentially.

The different leading brands in robotics recommend scheduling preventive maintenance every 12 months, others are based on their working hours. It is considered convenient to do it after 10,000 hours. It is important to check the manual of your robot to know when it is advisable to do it.

Planning this maintenance is the most appropriate since, having this programmed, the stop of its production will be minimal compared to the time we would lose in the event of an unexpected stop in production.

The FSD Robotics Maintenance Team provides maintenance programs that guarantee the best results and performance of your robots.

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