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Factory Surplus Direct Inc is your go-to source for automation and robotics parts and service.

By Scott Leslie

There’s an old proverb that says, “Mighty oaks from little acorns
grow.” That adage is the perfect way to describe the success of an
international parts distributor like Niagara’s own Factory Surplus
Direct Inc.
Over the past decade, this innovative technical firm has grown
from a modest online parts business into a world leader in the field
of industrial automation and robotics parts, service and integration.
For the uninitiated, Factory Surplus Direct Inc. (FSD) specializes
in automated robotics systems, consulting, in-house and field robotics
repair, spare parts, electronics and servomotor repair and refurbishment.
Over time, the FSD team has also served countless sectors
that use automation or robotics including the aerospace, automotive,
electronics, and food and beverage industries.
“We’re proficient in all areas of automation,” says María José
Gutiérrez, marketing coordinator at Factory Surplus Direct Inc. “Our
team of engineering professionals are the best in their field – and
we’re proud to be a trusted partner of countless global corporations.
Our track record speaks for itself.” –