A Robot as Control Operator

Written By Daniela Allel / May 27, 2022

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A Robot as Control Operator

Kuka as control operator

Now in an era where content is king, everyone wants to achieve better quality recordings and be able to amaze their viewers.

In this pursuit of unique storyboards, robots appear as a solution that revolutionizes the film industry and commercials.

The possibilities offered in the performing arts are massive, and the only ingredients needed are cameras and bots simultaneously.

For this, creative directors make the camera part of the scene. They are getting the camera into tight places doing the same movements repeatedly.

After they have the scene thoroughly studied, they introduce the camera assisted by a robot with a roadmap with everything it has to do.

Then, the movements and the light conditions are controlled, so the director can also program the parameters that the camera should do.

For this reason, recently, companies like HBO, Disney, and Nike are using robots in their projects to have better results in their films.

They need macro shots of commercial products and use these features constantly, especially when a fast FPS (frame per second) is required.

Here is what a robot can perform.

Contact us for inquiries. The future is this technology.

At FSD, We believe these robots are the tools that can help people do that the best.


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